Lacerdanyatv.com consists in a young and dynamic team located in Bellver de Cerdagne. We collaborate with Le Graph Studio, a multimedia production company with 10 years of experience.


  • Lacerdanyatv.com is an online television, based on a prived enterprise witch uses a multimedia platform. We want to be an open door to the world that shows Cerdanya’s Valley taking advantage of the universal Internet features.
  • A platform focused to the present and the future that combines the best of television with the best of the Internet.
  • At the same time, we offer multimedia services for those who wants to enhance their image using corporate and promotional videos, commercials, campaigns, advanced websites, custom projects and WebTV.


  • Through our WebTV platform, postproduction and graphics equipment, and the best audiovisual production technologies.
  • Through tv shows with touristic concernings in relation to the leisure or hotels and restaurants in the area, and also with the valley’s curtural and historic information.
  • The force of the moving image leads the world of communication. All of our audiovisual videos are embeded from Vimeo and Youtube. This way, anyone can be able to view them from our own WebTV and also anyone can locate and view them directly in these universal platforms.
  • We are also open to collaborate with other media, television, press, producers, etc, …


  • To enhance the Cerdanya at all levels.
  • To assist residents and SEO position the valley the way it deserves.
  • To be a database of all the interesting local information.
  • To break the temporality stereotypes and appeal visitors throughout all the seasons of the year.
  • To encourage the visual promotion wich is more effective for tourism.
  • To give all relevant aspects of the area.
  • Being a sustainable and solidary television.


  • Both for people who live and work in the valley, and for all those who wish to know in an effective, visual and frendly way all relevant aspects of the area.
  • A television service to all municipalities of Cerdanya.

Come and visit us, we are a reality.